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About Dopper

We help your Small Business 

Real Estate Photography & Digital Marketing
Dopper's Mission

Our Mission

We are passionate about brands. We engage our clients in meaningful, innovative and personal ways. We craft emotionally charged brand experiences that connect people to your feelings, your products and your message.

We as a brand are driven by the vision of our clients success. We work closely with our clients to identify their strategy and implement it successfully through any media channels available on the market.

Creativity is the answer to everything. To bring innovative new ideas to life with a vision of originality and perfection.

Real Estate Photography & Digital Marketing

Our Purpose

Small Business Solutions: Dopper is small business solutions. Our purpose is to ensure that every up-and-coming small business gets the correct support in today's digital world. We facilitate small businesses, large and small. This platform gives them access to practical tools which integrate basic office operations with online tools. The result is a completely digitalized workflow for all their activities.

Doppe is a digital tool for small businesses to reduce administration time and operational costs. We automate the operational part of your business.

Trusted by small businesses, offering full website and operations for your complete business.

Dopper's Purpose
Real Estate Photography & Digital Marketing
Dopper's Story

Our Story

Dopper was created by Corey Mack, a local entrepreneur with solutions to most small business needs. With a wide array of businesses and experience, Corey Mack and Dopper will make changes that matter and to help your business grow. 

As an entrepreneur, Corey Mack, understands what good operations and customer service can do for a small business. With a background in start-ups and business development, he can help you get the leads and money you want from your small business.

Corey Mack also owns Turnover Cleaning Pros, a local 5-star cleaning service, specializing in residential and commercial services. 


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